Quality assurance of our service

Agrade Community Care Services is very dedicated to providing a quality service. Therefore we will undertake various activities to gather feedback and to assess the quality of the services provided. To this end, we will conduct surveys with our service users, which will give you the opportunity to give us direct feedback about your care. This information will be anonymous, and your confidence is assured as the information is tallied together to give an overall view of how the service is operating. This information will be used to improve the service provided. Further, this information will be made available to service users and other interested individuals.

Our aim

We are always keen to provide the best possible service. Additionally we continually check on what we are doing, talk with our staff and with external individuals who have opportunities to see and judge our work, and above all listen to our customers. This will involve:

  • An (at least) annual visit to all service users by a supervisor or a manager to hear your views first hand, and the opportunity to voluntarily participate in a Client Survey
  • Regular supervision meetings between each care worker and their line manager
  • Careful checks on all service user logs, MAR sheets and other records.

In addition to these opportunities, please feel free to let us have your views at any time. We need to know how we are doing, and you are best placed to tell us. We want to be proactive in handling any concerns our service users may have. We are continually attempting to improve our service, therefore complaints are seen as opportunites to better our service. Please review our Complaints Procedure for details regarding how we manage any concerns raised. If you would like more detail regarding our service provision, please read our recent CQC report.

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