Home care and support in Derbyshire

Our staff

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All staff members play a part in the delivery of support, with our staff participating in regular team meetings, exploring ways to improve standards of care even further and to discuss the provision of care in the community.

Our team members are listened to and valued which makes a difference to the way they feel about their job and to the quality of service they provide. All of our staff members have the appropriate qualifications or are working towards them and are encouraged to pursue further training. Our staff members are trained to the legislated standard, and are also required to meet internal training standards to promote their competence.

Professional approach

We are an organisation that aims to provide the best in care. We believe in quality assurance, and will always seek your feedback regarding our services. We aim to provide best practices in care, and value your comments regarding our service.


Agrade Community Care Services Limited aim to provide services to the highest quality, offering value for money and enabling optimum independence.

The basic foundation of our services is built upon the promotion of the essential values of daily living.

Agrade Community Care Services Limited aims to incorporate the essential elements of choice, competence, individuality, continuity and respect into service provision.

Agrade Community Care Services Limited will:

  • Enable choice in all aspects of client life and care planning.
  • Encourage clients to maximize their potential and individual competence.
  • Provide opportunities for clients to express their own individuality and acknowledged their views and wishes through direct contact or through advocacy.
  • Offer continuity of care providing security and high quality care.
  • Deliver a reliable service to reduce client's anxiety and enhance confidence.
  • Respect and value client's rights.

Ensure delivery is non-discriminatory.

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