Care enquiries about us in Chesterfield: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is my loved one going to have the same care time every day?

As an agency, we try our best to accommodate all of our clients and their families. However as you can imagine, sometimes there are multiple calls requested for the same time of day. Therefore many requests are taken on ‘first come, first served’ basis. This of course would be communicated to you if there is a need to alter times, but we will try our best not to have delays in the service provided to your loved one. We also need to consider the need of your loved one, as many have very specific time requirements based on health needs, which can be of priority.

Will we be able to change times of call if we are taking them out?

Of course! ‘One off’ circumstances are no problem at all. We just ask that you call our office as soon as possible to let us know, so that we can reallocate and inform our staff. We’d want you to thoroughly enjoy your time with your loved one, but to avoid any concerns raised in their absence we just ask that you notify us.

Will they always have the same people attending to them?

Ideally we would like for the same ‘team’ to be assisting your loved one. We promote a team dynamic so that even if the same individual is not always present, you and your loved one will have familiarity with all members of the team who are providing care. At no point should a stranger be showing up at your home. If this does happen it should be in very rare circumstances and you should have been notified of the change, prior to their arrival.

My loved one only needs one call per day, what do we do if we need more care provided?

If you have a care manager attached to your service provision, it is best to contact them to inform them of your need. If you don’t, then by all means please contact our office directly and we will meet with you as soon as possible to re-assess, and give feedback on what we are able to assist with. You will be re-issued a new contract with the amended details. As soon as that is confirmed, you should have your new schedule in place as soon as possible. However please bear in mind that this change may need additional staffing, so you may have to be prepared to meet other members of staff.

How do you access my loved ones home, if they are unable to open the door?

Most individuals who have this type of service and for whatever reasons are unable to physically answer the door, have what is known as a ‘key safe’. This is a secured box that holds the key, and with your written permission, you would give our staff access via the password, to enter the premises upon their arrival. You will be provided with a document that clearly gives permission for us to access the safe.

Is it realistic to expect a full meal to be cooked in a thirty minute call?

Particularly with these smaller duration calls, families have to be mindful of the practical implications of having only 30 minutes within which to provide care. Therefore expectations must be clearly discussed prior to the service being provided. If you expect for a full, hot meal to be cooked, it cannot take longer than 15 minutes, as this will not allow ample time to assist with eating if necessary, cleaning up, Etc. We ask that in order to ensure that we are providing the best service to your loved one that these considerations be closely looked at, as it can have a negative impact on services provided.

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